A Sunny Day In Reykjavík

A sunny day in…Grundarfjörður!


My wonderful mother came to visit a few weeks ago. The girls were so happy to see their Grandma! Ellie hadn’t seen her since she was a newborn and I thought she’d be shy at first, but she wasn’t at all. I suspect she recognised her from Skype-ing.

Grandma’s here!

Just in case Mum wasn’t sure she was in Iceland, it immediately started snowing…in May.


We went to a summer house in Grundarfjörður (on the Snæfellsnes peninsula) for a few days. The location was stunning, right under a mountain with nothing around except one little sheep farm maybe hundred metres below. The cabin had a hot tub and a little playground, so Mimi was thrilled. So was Grandma.

Nearly all of my photos are of the view from where we stayed. We traveled around the peninsula a fair bit but didn’t stop to take many photos as Ellie had been screaming in the car. If you’ve ever been trapped in a car with a screaming baby you’ll understand why we weren’t in any hurry to wake her up when she did sleep.

(Excuse the lens scratches. I need a new camera.)

Stop off at Borgarfjörður.

We’re here! (You can see how dry it’s been.)

The view from another angle.

Not sure about all this nature nonsense.

So happy to have a playground all to herself.

Evening on the porch.


The farm by the river by the sea.

The next day it started raining. This is Iceland, after all.

Down at the farm.



The view from the restaurant we went to in beautiful Stykkishólmur.

“How fascinating, do continue…”

Car-screaming aside, it was a really nice trip and the kids did well. It’s been way too long since I’ve been out of Reykjavík, which is crazy because it’s just so beautiful here. One of the many nice things about having my mother visit is that it forces me to do all the fun things that I normally wouldn’t make time for. Note to self: GO OUT OF TOWN MORE OFTEN.

Sadly, we’ve had to say goodbye to my mum for now. There was some talk of coming back for Christmas, so fingers crossed it won’t be too long before we see her again!

Author: Sarah @ ASunnyDayInReykjavik

I’m an Australian woman living in Iceland with my partner and two daughters “Mimi” and “Ellie”. I blog about knitting, art, parenting and my life in Reykjavík.

10 thoughts on “A sunny day in…Grundarfjörður!

  1. So beautiful!! The kids are gorgeous as is the scenery. Glad you got to get out of the big city!


  2. that place is beautiful! as are your kids!


  3. Yay, comments! Thanks guys. :)

    Oh and Tracy, it’s not such a big city – the capital only has 120,000 people! ;) Iceland is small it’s absurd.


    • Oh, Haha, I know! I was just being silly. Oddly, I did a series of research articles for a journalism class I took as an elective in college and the focus was Icelandic culture. It was a long time ago, and I don’t remember much, but I know the population was pretty tiny ;)


  4. Great idea!


  5. That photo labelled soon – me retrieving Luna from electrical shock situation as she pursues her life-limiting ambition to eat remotes, suck on plugs and stick her fingers into sockets.


  6. Absolutely stunning photos!


  7. Having walked the Hardanger and Kungsleden I can’t wait to visit Iceland. Brilliant photos. Thank you Karen for sharing your your holiday adventure with me. Lovely grandchildren – Christmas is not far away. Ian of Melbourne.


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