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Another free lopapeysa pattern! “Rosa” (size 6 years)


First off, I just want to say a quick thanks to everyone for the wonderful response the free knitting pattern I posted earlier this month. Wow! It’s been queued a bunch of times and as over 120 “favourites” (and counting) on Ravelry. I wasn’t sure anyone would take notice at all so I’m thrilled. Extra big thanks to Christine of trÍScote for translating the pattern notes into French.

I promised in my previous entry that I’d post the pattern for this sweater, “Rósa” (Rosa):

Flower lopapeysa

So here it is. It’s available in size 6 years in English, Icelandic and French.

Rosa (English)

Rosa (islenska)

Rosa (francais)

(Some other languages available upon request.)

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Rosa lopapeysa

I wanted to make a lopapeysa that was floral but also fairly traditional in style. I’m really happy with how it came out. Mimi LOVES it.

I spent a long time faffing about trying to get it to work in smaller sizes but unfortunately it just doesn’t quite translate. The floral pattern is so dense that it isn’t possible to take out rows without changing it so much that it becomes a different pattern. So I’m just going to post the 6 year size for now, then perhaps design something very similar in smaller sizes when I get the time.

Rosa lopapeysa

Super exciting technical notes:

– The pattern has some very slight differences from the sweater pictured here. The one in the pictures was a prototype; I made a couple of slight improvements in the final version.

– I knitted the collar and ribbing a little differently to what it says in the pattern. The pattern tells you to knit 3 cm of ribbing; I did four rows of seed stitch instead. You can do it however you prefer.

– If this is your first time knitting a lopapeysa or doing colour-work, it’s worth mentioning that you need to keep the tension of the multicoloured parts a little looser than the rest of the sweater, otherwise it gets a bit taut. Some people do this by switching to slightly larger needles for the multicoloured parts. So in this case, you’d go up to 5.0 mm (US 8) needles. I’ve never done it that way though, I just knit a little looser with my 4.5 mm (US 7).

– Rosa was designed to be knit with Léttlopi wool but it should work with any Aran/Worsted Weight yarn.

– This pattern is available strictly for non-commercial use only, unless you have express written permission from me, the author.

Author: Sarah @ ASunnyDayInReykjavik

I’m an Australian woman living in Iceland with my partner and two daughters “Mimi” and “Ellie”. I blog about knitting, art, parenting and my life in Reykjavík.

13 thoughts on “Another free lopapeysa pattern! “Rosa” (size 6 years)

  1. Your new pattern is very pretty ! thanks for sharing with us !


  2. Lindo trabalho! Parabéns!


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  4. Minor correction: the pattern says to do a k1, p1 rib on 125 stitches to start the body; the 125 is probably a holdover from your seed-stitch prototype, but you can’t do ribbing on an odd number of stitches (at least, not in the round!). Perhaps change that to CO 124 and increase by 4 in the last row of ribbing? Likewise for the collar: perhaps “decreasing 8 sts evenly spaced => 64 sts” going into the ribbing there.

    Thanks for the pattern!


  5. Really like this pattern for our grand daughters nice of you to share..thank you


  6. Could you let us know how to steel it if we want to make it into a cardigan?


  7. I meant “steek”


  8. This sweater is beautiful! It is so kind of you to share your patterns! It will be a few years before my granddaughter will be big enough, but I will save it so I will have it in the future.


  9. Hi! Wonderful lopapeysa :)
    Eg skil pinu lite islensku.. Eg er med plötulopa heima. Eg er fra svitjod.

    Do you know how to “count” from lett til plötulopa?

    Many thanks


    • Hej och tack! :)

      I’m not 100% sure about the plötulopi – I know that one strand of plötulopi is just a little bit finer than léttlopi, and I know people sometimes just use it to replace léttlopi without changing anything. I haven’t tried it myself though. You can also use one strand of plötulopi + one strand of lace weight yarn together to bring it to the thickness of léttlopi, and it also makes it a bit stronger.


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