A Sunny Day In Reykjavík


Hi! I’m Sarah, an Australian woman living in Reykjavík with my two daughters, “Mimi” and “Ellie”.

I blog about motherhood, life in Iceland, and getting back into my long-lost passion for all things creative. I love to draw, take photos, and knit. I’ve recently started designing knitting patterns, which you can find here and on my Ravelry page. You can also find me on Pinterest.

When not blogging, I enjoy baking & eating cakes and laughing at funny cat gifs.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks so much for stopping by carefreecomposition.com. I appreciate your blog like. It’s nice to meet you!


  2. Hi Sarah, I saw your newest pattern on Ravelry & followed the link here. I love your photos & stories of Icelandic life. We’ve been to Iceland a few times, and last year took our kids there (from New Zealand) for a visit – they all loved it! We all agreed, a week was nowhere near long enough. I would love to visit again sometime – perhaps in winter, for the novelty of it :-)
    Thanks for sharing your patterns & your stories!


  3. Thank you! :) And wow, you came here all the way from NZ? My mum is a Kiwi too and loves it here, says it reminds her a lot of NZ but with fewer trees.


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