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You can contact me at asunnydayinreykjavik(at)gmail(dot)com, or simply leave a comment.

You can also find me on Pinterest.

12 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi
    Just wondering what you are currently knitting. I love your Fimma sweaters. I have knit 3 of them for my grandsons.
    I hope all is well with you.


  2. Dear Sarah,

    I wanted to thank you for your gorgeous patern, “Fimma”, which I have just knitted for my granddaughter in Icelandic wool. I am a novice knitter and must admit that I made a bit of a muddle of it in places, but I got there in the end and it looks gorgeous. There are the occasional errors of alignment (!!!) but you would have to be a bit of a detective to spot them. I take the view that it all adds to the sweater’s originality!

    It is such a generous thing to do, to make your patterns available to all, and it seemed important to mention this to you. I never respond to blogs of any kind, so this is a first! I am also an Australian, and have lived in London for 35 years. Thanks to you, I have discovered what I think may become a bit of an addiction. This kind of knitting is so much fun – complicated in the just the right way. I will try another of your patterns next.

    With thanks and warmest wishes,

    Ceinwen McMillan


    • Hi Ceinwen,

      Thank you so much for your kind message, I’m so glad you enjoyed knitting it. It’s always lovely to hear from people who’ve knitted my patterns. :)

      I’m not a super experienced knitter myself but I find that I learn new things from every project I complete. Every mistake I make is something I know not to do next time!

      I’ve been very quiet on this blog for a while now as I’ve been very busy, but I hope to get another pattern up by the end of this year.

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment, greetings from Iceland from one Aussie expat to another! :)


  3. Hello! I just came across your Blossi pattern, it’s lovely! I do not knit, so I’m having someone make this for me. Could you tell me the names of the colours you used in this. Thank you!


  4. Sæl. Er möguleiki á að þú gætir útvegað mér uppskrift að peysunni Rósa, ég get ekki fundið hana á Raverly


  5. Many thanks Sarah , I knitted your beautiful Emma sweater for my grand daughter (8 years) Clémentine.It fits perfectly and she loves it.
    I appreciate your clear instructions and the model was easy to knit. Thank you for the time you took to put this model online for free.
    Michelle ( France)


    • Hi.. Where did you find the Emma pattern? I have been looking for it like crazy. I even wrote an email, but didn’t get any reply. Can you please help me?


  6. Hi.
    I love the white sweather with the pink flowers, that you for some reason don’t want to publish.
    I would like to know if I can buy it anyway. Many you could send it as pdf file. I found the chart in Pinterest, but it is like stealing from the creator, and I would much rather contact you.
    Mvh Anette Jensen


  7. Hi Sarah. Thankyou for your lovely knitting pattern which l am going to make for my granddaughter. I would like to use the exact colours you have chosen but l am having difficulty in getting the mustard lettlopi yarn. I am in the UK. Do you have any idea where l can buy this? Thanku. Estelle


  8. can i use straight needles for my blossi pattern is there a special change or just use the straight and have seam is there a change for the yoke


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